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Created 10 years ago by Netim, FranceDNS was intented to specialise solely in French-speaking extensions. However, in order to consolidate our services and markets, we have decided to merge the FranceDNS company with its parent company Netim.

This tutorial is intented to resellers currently using the FranceDNS WHMCS module and how to switch to Netim’s one.

You need to follow the steps below:

  1. Make a fresh installation of Netim registrar module. Please pay attention to the fact that this module is newer (V3) and much more integrated in WHMCS.
  2. Update all domain names currently linked to FranceDNS module. To do so you can:
    • Either, gor each domain, manually update the registrar dropdown list on the domain management page in the admin area
    • Either, execute the following SQL query in your local WHMCS database
      update tbldomains set registrar='netim' where registrar='francedns'
  3.  Update your domain name extensions to set Netim as default registrar instead of FranceDNS. To do so you can:
    • Either, for each extension, manually update the Auto registration value in the tld list to Netim instead of Francedns
    • Either, execute the following SQL query in your local WHMCS database
      update tbldomainpricing set autoreg='netim' where autoreg='francedns'
  4. Ensure that your extension settings are correct by using Netim Tld manager and its check feature. This addon, which was not available for Francedns, will help you to manage your extensions.
  5. Redefine how the domain name availability is done given that Netim provides a domain lookup provider. Please note that if you redefined the Standard Whois to our use our DAS with FranceDNS, you should update it to the one of Netim.
  6. Take this opportunity to add new domain name extensions to your offer. Contact our sales team at 😉
  7. As a final step, you can remove FranceDNS module and any cron task related to it.