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General informations

Domain values

Each domain name extension has specific values according to policy rules or naming charter defined by the registry.

The below information is obtained in realtime with the API function domainTldInfo

Please take a look at this function for further information

API operations

We offer numerous functions in order to manage domain names. However according to the domain name extension, some of them are not supported either at the registry level either by us.

The below information is obtained in realtime with the function queryOpeList

If the status is "0" (closed), thus the function is not available. If you try to call a closed operation, you will receive the error E12-M1204.

Please take a look at our API specifications for further information

Semantic rules for the API

Semantic rules are used to define the information needed during a given operation on this extension. Additional fields or special values may be required at the owner or contacts level.


With all functions using the object StructContact, the following rules apply:

Propriétaire: = CY
Si société
  StructContact.bodyForm = ORG
  StructContact.companyNumber obligatoire (Numéro d'enregistrement de la société à Chypre)
Si particulier
  StructContact.bodyForm = IND
  StructContact.idNumber obligatoire (Numéro de carte d'identité chypriote)


Dans la fonction domainCreate, les règles suivantes s'appliquent:

Paramètres Règles
Domain Obligatoire
IdOwner Obligatoire
IdAdmin Obligatoire
IdTech Obligatoire
IdBilling Obligatoire
Ns1 Obligatoire
Ns2 Obligatoire
Ns3 Optionnel
Ns4 Optionnel
Ns5 Optionnel
Duration Obligatoire (Cf. Tld-value:PeriodCreate)
Outils personnels
Espaces de noms

Votre compte
Noms de domaine
Hébergement mutualisés
Anciennes offres d'hébergement
Certificats SSL
Contacter le support