How to add an affiliation link?

Adding a link is the first step to sending your visitors to Netim website. Normally, you are supposed to make such a link every time you talk about Netim.

To ensure the traceability of your links, and therefore the monetisation of your activity, you must remember to include your affiliate code as shown in the following examples.

Add a textual link 

Here are a few examples of links to make to several sections of our website. 

  • To the homepage: 
					<a href="" target="_blank">Netim</a>				
  • To the domaine name section:
					<a href="" target="_blank">Create a domain name</a>				
  • To the .EU domaine name section:
					<a href="" target="_blank">Register your .EU domain name</a>				
  • To a specific domain name:
					<a href="" target="_blank">Register</a>				
  • To the web hosting section: 
					<a href="" target="_blank">Web and email hosting plans</a>				

You are free to choose the landing page of your links according to your sales goals as well as the anchor text. 

However, we ask you to do your best to use the keywords “Domain Name” or “Hosting” according to the landing page.

Feel free to contact us to confirm your links and anchor texts.

Add a graphic link 

You can get some marketing materials like our logo and banners in our download section. 
Here is an example of a link to our homepage using our logo: 

					<a href="" border=0 alt="Netim - Domain names" title="Netim - Domain names"><img src="" /></a>				

Similarly, we ask you to make the best use of the keyword “Domain Name” or “Hosting“, according to the section you choose, in the Title and Alt parameters of the link tag.

Feel free to contact us for customed materials or to confirm your links.