Web Host Manager Complete Solution,  known as WHMCS, is one of the popular and highly reliable web hosting billing management software.

WHMCS automates all aspects of businesses from billing, provisioning, domain reselling, support, and more. WHMCS easily integrates with all the leading control panels, payment processors, domain registrars and cloud service providers.

Our WHMCS registrar module

Netim provides and maintains its WHMCS registrar module for many years.  It supports all available domain name features and is able to manage asynchronous domain name requests thanks to an included synchronization cron job.

2 Widgets are also provided to help you monitoring your reseller balance and pending operations.

Benefit now for the deep integration of our module in order to resell more than 1000 domain name extensions including all the gTlds and most of all ccTlds even the more complex ones.

Supported features


Price and TLD Management

The Netim TLD manager addon helps you to manage prices and extensions

  • Add new extension in 1 clic
  • Check active extensions settings
  • Prices updates with default margin and rounding methods (manual or automatic thanks to a cron job)
  • Highlight sales prices below default margin
  • Check promotions
  • Import / export prices with a .csv file

Domain Management 

  • Fast availability check by Netim (lookup provider or standard whois linked to our Domain Availability Service)
  • Domain premium support
  • Domain Registration
    • with additional domain fields
    • with trustee or local contact service
  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Renewal and Restore
  • Domain Delete (explicit)
  • Registrar Lock support
  • Whois privacy support
  • Support for AuthInfo Code (Domain Authorization Code)
  • Internationalized domain names support
  • Cron job to manage asynchronous domain name requests
  • .XXX membership

Contact Management

  • Update of contact information
  • Full support of Latin character set (LATIN1 / LATIN-EXTA / LATIN-EXTB character sets)

Local Presence Management

  • Trustee service (at the registrant level)
  • Local contact service (at the administrative contact level)

DNS Nameserver Management

  • Nameserver hosts
  • Nameserver change
  • Zone File Management (Record-Types: A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT)

Forward Management

  • Email forwarding
  • URL forwarding

3 widgets for your homepage

  • Display of your account balance
  • Display of all pending operations
  • Monitor your pricing and TLD settings


  • Support of English / French / Spanish for admin and client area