We provide 3 widgets to be activated and displayed in the admin area dashboard.

NETIM - Reseller balance

This widget displays the balance of the reseller account.

Netim reseller balance WHMCS

NETIM - Pending operations

This widget displays a list of all pending operations.

Netim pending operations WHMCS

NETIM - Monitoring

This widget allows you to monitor the version of the module, the settings of the domain extensions as well as the sales prices according to the configuration of the Netim Tld manager addon


This widget requires the execution of the netim_tld_monitoring.php scheduled task of the Netim Tld Manager addon

Perfect !

You have the latest version of the module and there are no configuration errors regarding extensions and prices

Caution !

An update is available for the module, it is recommended to update it.

“TLD not supported” indicates that certain extension are assigned to Netim as default registrar even though we don’t support them

“TLD configuration errors” indicates that certain extensions do not have the correct settings

“Margin price errors” indicates that the sales prices of certain extensions do not correspond to your pricing policy defined in the Netim Tld Manager addon


You can define which tlds you want to monitor. This is done in the configuration file


The setting update-tld-mode accepts the following values:

    Only the extensions defined in the setting import-tld-list as array will be imported. Example [“.com”,”.net”,”.org”]
    All the extensions for which Netim is defined as default module will be taken into account less the extensions defined in the setting import-tld-list

How to activate widgets ?

  1. Login in the admin area
  2. Open the Show/Hide Widgets panel by clicking the gear icon at the top-right of the dashboard
  3. Check or Uncheck our widgets

Please note that our widgets will be available for users having the permission “Perform Registrar Operations”. Otherwise, they will not be listed!