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Manage extensions and prices with Netim Tld Manager

Netim Tld Manager is an addon allowing an effective management of the extensions proposed by Netim, especially:

  • View active extensions within WHMCS, their current cost and selling price, and make fast changes in pricing
  • Add extensions in one click
  • Check the current configuration of the extensions vs their operating values accepted by Netim
  • View promotions


The addon is included by default in the installation package of the registrar module since version 2.6.

Activation and configuration

You can configure addons at Configuration () > System SettingsAddon modules or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Addons modules

You will find Netim Tld Manager in the list, click on button Activate.

WHMCS tld manager activation

Then click on “Configure”

whmcs tld manager configuration

Define features activated when a new tlds is added
These features are thoses you can select in the “Domain pricing” feature when an extension is added manually.

  • DNS management
  • Email Forwarding
  • ID protection

Define default margin rates

Default margin rates will be used to calculate selling price proposal when adding an extension.

  • Registration default margin (%)
  • Renewal default margin (%)
  • Transfer default margin (%)
  • Restore default margin (%)

The margin rate should be considered on the selling price (and not the cost price as in the “TLD Import & Pricing Sync” core feature).

The selling price will be calculated according to the formula:

(cost price * 100) / (100 – margin rate)  

Example, if the cost price is 100 and the margin set to 25%, the selling price will be 133.33. Indeed, a selling price at 133.33 and a cost price at 100 give a commercial margin of 25%.

Define the rounding method

“Round pricing to” indicates the rounding target value. Example:

  • A value of 1 indicates the rounding to an integer
  • A value of 0.99 indicates the rounding to 99 cts (1.99, 2.99, …)
  • A value of 0.50 indicates the rounding to 50 cts (1.50, 2.0, 2.5, …)
  • A value of 0.1 indicates the rounding to 10 cts (1.10, 1.20 1.30, …)

“Round pricing method” indicates how prices are rounded and applies to the “Round pricing to” value. Example with a value of 1:

  • No rounding (19.2 will not be rounded)
  • Round to upper value (19.2 will be rounded to 20)
  • Round to lower value (19.2 will be rounded to 19)
  • Round to value (19.2 will be rounded to 19 but 19.6 will be rounded to 20)

Define Online Exchange rate key

The addon uses the third party API in order to proceed with exchange calculations between your account currency at Netim and WHMCS.

Open a free account at and define your API key.

Define access control

By default, check “Full administrator” but you can select other user groups.

Access the addon

If the user is part of an authorized group (defined in the access control setting), the addon is accessible in the Addons main menu.

Your active extensions

The main page displays the list of currently active extensions assigned to Netim for auto registration.

Netim TLD manager

The 4 types of paid operations on domain names (registration, transfer, renewal and restore) are displayed with:

  • your current cost price in EUR
  • your current cost price in the base currency of WHMCS (if different from the euro)
  • your current selling price in the base currency of WHMCS (see # Considerations)
  • the corresponding margin rate between the cost price and the selling price
    (You can highlight the selling prices below your default margin with the checkbox)

Manual prices update

Modify the values of the desired extensions and click on “Update with manual prices”.

The prices will then be applied to the selected extensions taking into account their periods (see # Considerations).

As part of the restore price, the feature calculates the redemption fee based on the indicated price – the annual renewal price.

Application of default margin

Click on “Apply default margin”.

The prices for the 4 operations will then be updated by applying the default margin rate to the selected extensions.

Prices export

Click on “Export prices”.

The values of the table will be exported as a .csv file for download.

Prices import

Select a file and click on “Import prices”.

The same format than the export is expected. The functionality allows you to easily update the prices from an export to re-import the modifications.

The input fields will be updated as follows:

  • “Create sell price in base currency” => Registration current
  • “Transfer sell price in base currency” => Transfer current
  • “Renew sell price in base currency” => Renew current
  • “Restore sell price in base currency” => Restore current

Finally, a manual price update will allow all changes to be saved.

Add new extensions

This feature displays all extensions available at Netim. 

Available tlds

NETIM offers more than 1000 extensions, so in order to not overcharge the page, the list is categorized by letters.

If an extension is already active, it will be displayed and already checked.

The 4 types of paid operations on domain names (registration, transfer, renewal and restore) are displayed with:

  • your current cost price in EUR
  • your current cost price in the base currency of WHMCS (if different from the euro)
  • your selling price proposal in the base currency of WHMCS, calculated according to your default margin rates.

Add an extension

Check the extensions you want to add, update the prices if needed and click on “Add selected tlds”.

The extensions will then be added to WHMCS with the following information:

  • NETIM as auto registration
  • Support for DNS management and Email forwarding according to your addon settings.
  • The ID protection support (if available for the extension) and according to your addon settings.
  • Support for EPP code (if available for the extension)
  • Grace and redemption periods (if available for the extension) and according to Netim values
  • Prices for registration, renewal and transfer based on the indicated price and extension periods (see # Considerations)

Check extension settings

It is essential to ensure and keep all extensions correctly configured.

If you sell a domain name for 3 years whereas the registration period is only 1 year, you will have an issue with your customer. The same way, if a extension support the EPP code for a transfer but it is not enabled, this information will be missing to proceed with the transfer.

In order to deal with this, this feature allows you to check all extensions you have activated with Netim as default registrar. 

Check of active TLD settings

For each error detected, differences between the value in WHMCS and Netim are displayed in the table with:

  • the extension
  • the parameter having an error
  • the value in WHMCS
  • the value at NETIM
  • the fix proposal


For the first row of the table, the .COM renewal for 6 years is not enabled in WHMCS whereas it is available at Netim.

For the last row of the table, the EPP code management for .NET is not enabled in WHMCS whereas it is available at Netim.

Fix errors

Check the errors you want to fix and click on “Fix errors”.



All prices are displayed and taken into account on an annual basis.


Each extension has different periods for registration and renewal from 1 to 10 years.

When adding an extension or updating the prices, prices are calculated and recorded according to the periods of the extension.

Each term is then calculated by multiplying the annual price by the corresponding number of years.

The transfer period is 1 year. Terms ranging from 2 to 10 years are disabled systematically.

Exchange rate

As Netim invoices in EUR, the addon performs a conversion of cost prices in the base currency.

The rate taken into account is either:

  • Obtained in WHMCS if the EUR currency is defined
  • Obtained online via a foreign exchange webservice

Data source

Data related to prices and extensions are retrieved directly from Netim.

In order to speed up the page loading, this data is only downloaded once a day, at the first request, and stored in the local database.