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Domain synchronization is performed by WHMCS cron job.

Nevertheless, WHMCS does not know the result of all operations, especially those that are processed asynchronously. Synchronization of asynchronous operations must therefore be handled separately.

When the case occurs, the module records the operation in pending state in the table “netim_mod_async” of your local WHMCS’ database. Then the synchronization script “netim_opesync.php” is executed to check and process all pending operations.

You must schedule the script to be executed for example every 10 minutes.

For example under linux, edit your crontab and add the following line

*/10 * * * * php /path_to_whmcs_directory/modules/registrars/netim/netim_opesync.php

For particular cases, you can call the script manually in your web browser the following URL:


In the module 2.x, transaction numbers were recorded in the “subscription Id” field of the domain. It is not longer the case in version 3.0