Pending requests and templates

Pending requests management

WHMCS doesn’t manage correctly pending requests except for registrations or domain transfers. Unfortunately, for many extensions, the management is manual or not in realtime. So, WHMCS supports perfectly gTlds which are managed in realtime but some problems arise for some of the ccTlds.

This is a major issue because when your customer changes nameservers, by defaut, the module has only the option to return successfull or failed whereas we are not in this case. This is perturbing because we can’t say that the change is done, neither say that the request fails.

In order to circumvent this problem, the module manages its own pending requests management in the local database. When an operation is pending, it is stored in a table and the result is checked asynchronously with domain synchronization.

Custom template

In order to be able to display pending information in the client area, the module comes with a customization of the twenty one template. 

This template is named twenty-one-netim and is stored in directory templatestwenty-one-netim.

If you already use "twenty one" template

You can activate the template twenty-one-netim in the General tab at Configuration () > General Settings > System theme or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > General Settings.

If you use another template or a custom one

We suggest to use a tool in order to compare the default twenty one theme and Netim’s version.

Then apply the change on your template so that you can benefits for the changes.