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This tutorial will help you to use the functionalities of your email hosting.

Log on Netim Direct section "Hosting services" >> "Mail hosting management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Services management" to access your services.




Fleche.gif Mailboxes management

This first menu allows you to create a new mailbox or to manage existing ones. You can then edit the preferences : real name, copy to, quota; modify a mailbox's password or delete some.


Fleche.gif Domain aliases

Emails sent to the alias are directed to the main domain name, e.g if your domain is : and your alias is, emails sent to are directed to

It will be the same for any mailbox

Warning.gif The domain name which is defined as an alias must use the same MX servers as the 'master' domain name.


Fleche.gif Mail aliases

On the other hand, a mail alias only concern one mailbox. A mail alias is a virtual mailbox which forward emails to an existing mailbox.

e.g I own the mailbox but I want to give to my friends I can create the mail alias (virtual mailbox) with destination, so any email sent to will be delivered to


Fleche.gif Mail forwardings

A mail forwarding allows you to forward emails from an existing mailbox to another existing mailbox outside of the domain name.

e.g If I want to forward emails I receive on to a gmail, hotmail,etc. address, I can use the mail forwarding.


Fleche.gif Define a catchall

The catchall address allows to direct any incoming mail to a non-existing user to the defined address.

If I enable a catchall to, and a user send an email to (which does not exist), the email will be forwarded to

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