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This tutorial will help you to setup your mailbox with Thunderbird.

Fleche.gif Account Creation

We will now set your account on Thunderbird so you can get your emails on Thunderbird.

1. Click 'File', then 'New' and 'Existing account'

2. Set your Firstname and Lastname

3. Set your email address like

4. Set this mailbox's password

5. Click 'Continue'

New screen

1. Click 'Manual Settings'

2. Follow the chart below to set your ingoing and outgoing mail server

Hosting type Settings
You have a WEB hosting (PLESK)
  • Serveur de courrier entrant : Ingoing server : pop.yourdomain or imap.yourdomain
  • Serveur de courrier sortant : Outgoing server : your ISP's one or
You have an EMAIL hosting (SPAMORA)
  • Ingoing server :
  • Outgoing server :

3. Let the settings to Auto-Detect and test them as soon as you have entered both incoming and outgoing servers.

4. ID : indicate your address again like

Click 'Create Account'

Accept risks and continue.

==> Your mailbox is now well set.

Fleche.gif Set the SMTP (only if you use

The SMTP server is used to send mails.

To set your SMTP server :

1. Start Thunderbird

2. Select in the menu 'Tools' then 'Account Settings'

3. Select 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)' in the list on the left

4. Click 'Add'

If you use the SMTP server of your internet service provider, you must provide its informations. If you are using FranceDNS SMTP (see Request a SMTP access), informations are :

  • Server name :
  • Port : 25 (ou 587)
  • Security : none
  • Authentification : password, unsecured transmission
  • User name : your SMTP login we provided to you (see mail with SMTP activation) like

==> Validate ! The first time you will send an email with this account, you will be asked for the password(see mail with SMTP activation)

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