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This tutorial will help you to setup your mailbox with Thunderbird.

Fleche.gif Account Creation

We will now set your account so you can get your emails on Thunderbird.
Tb plesk1 en.png

1. Click 'File', then 'New' and 'Existing account'

2. Set your Firstname and Lastname

3. Set your email address like

4. Set this mailbox's password

5. Click 'Continue'

6. Click on 'Advanced config'

7. Follow the chart below to set your ingoing and outgoing mail server:

Server Hostname Port SSL Authentication
Incoming: IMAP *** 143 None Normal password
Outgoing: SMTP 587 None Normal password
Username: Incoming : Outgoing:

Note: is to be replaced with your Plesk number ! You can find this information in the email we have sent you upon the hosting creation or on Netim Direct in "Hosting" >> "Web hosting" management, click on your domain to display the details.

Tb plesk2 en.png

Click 'Create Account'

Accept risks and continue.

==> Your mailbox is now well set.

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