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What is the Trademark ClearingHouse ?

As part of the launch of new gTLDs extensions, the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) is a centralized system of trademark protection.

It allows mark owners to register only once and in one place their intellectual property through an official agent. This centralized process thus significantly reduces the administrative burden and associated costs for mark owners (instead of one entry for each extension as before).


All trademarks may not be registered in the Trademark Clearing House, they must first have been registered. Will only be accepted national or regional verbal marks, trademarks validated by judicial institutions or protected by laws and treaties.

Each application will be verified, with or without supporting documents, by Deloitte to validate the registration. Therefore each mark will have a label ("Exact match") corresponding to the exact name of the mark as well as 10 additional labels (to take into account different syntaxes).

By registering a trademark in the Trademark Clearing House, you get priority registration of corresponding domain names during the Sunrise and receive warnings in case of filing a similar domain name by a third.

Protection during the "Sunrise period"

Each mark's label allows to apply to register the domain name corresponding in any of the new extension with any Registrar during the priority phase called Sunrise. The final allocation of domain names for multiple applications operate according to the rules of each extension (first come / first serve, auctions, etc).

Protection during the "Claims period"

During the 90 days following the opening of an extension, the holders of registered trademarks in the TMCH receive an alert if a third party attempts to register a domain name corresponding to one of its labels. Similarly, the applicant will receive a warning stating that the domain he wants to register is a mark.


The registration of a mark in the TMCH can be done via an agent for a duration of 1,3 or 5 years.

At the end of the registration period, the mark must be renewed for a further period.

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