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Domain settings

Nameservers management

When adding an extension in Blesta, you have the option to define the nameservers that will be used by default for every domain name under that extension during the order process.

Given that some of our services such as DNS service, email forwarding and web forwarding need domain names to use our nameservers, it is important to define the correct ones according to the services you want to offer.

If you want to enable the configurable options “DNS management” and “Email forwarding”, you can set,, or your white label ones.

Trustee and local contact services

Some domain names have local presence requirements domain owners or administrative contacts must comply with.

The trustee service and the local contact service are two domain services that help your clients to fulfill such registration rules.

According to the extension, these services can be free of charge or paid but you can resell them to your clients with Blesta.

Our services must be sold as configurable options. An option is defined with several information such as its name, description, pricing and so on. An option group will link several domain extensions with a configurable option.

Create configurable option groups

You need to create several option groups: 

  • A group for the trustee service with all extensions accepting this service
  • A group for the local contact service with all extensions accepting this service
  • More groups with the corresponding extensions if you have different pricing !

You can create option groups at Packages > Configuration options. Click on Create Group.

For exemple let’s create a group for the trustee service:

Blesta new package option group

Fill in the form with name “Trustee service group”, with your description, and all the packages (extensions) you want to sell with the trustee service. Visit our trustee service product to know which extensions support it, You can also look at the extension documentation 

Create configurable options

You need to create several configurable options and link them to their respective group.

  • An option for the trustee service 
  • An option for the local contact service
  •  More options if you have different pricing !
We suggest to create groups as follow:

Trustee service
  • Label : “Trustee service”
  • Description: “This service allows to fulfill the registration criteria by using a trustee as domain name holder on your behalf”
  • Type : Checkbox
  • Client can add: checked
  • Option name : Subscription
  • Option value: TRUSTEE
  • Option default: not checked
Local contact service
  • Label : “Local contact service”
  • Description: “This service allows to fulfill the registration criteria by using a local contact as domain name administrative contact”
  • Type : Checkbox
  • Client can add: checked
  • Option name : Subscription
  • Option value: LOC
  • Option default: not checked

For exemple let’s create an option for the trustee service linked to our option group

Blesta update package option

If a client orders a domain name, the configurable option will be displayed as follow. He will be able to select this option charged USD 25 and the trustee service will be used to register the domain name.

Blesta trustee service

Force service usage

The module offers the option to force the usage of the trustee or local contact service and avoid to use configurable options. Several situations can occur:

  • These services are free of charge and you don’t want to charge your client.
  • If you want to include the service fee in your sell pricing.

To manage this, edit the module configuration file /config/netim.php from the module directory.
Look after Configure::set(‘Netim.forcedtrustee’) and Configure::set(‘Netim.forcedlocalcontact’) and edit the array to add or remove extensions.