Extensions management

Netim provides more than 1,000 domain name extensions/ TLDs that can be sold with Blesta.

Each extension you want to resell has to be added in the application with corresponding parameters from the domain manager.

You can add extensions at Packages > Domain options.

Individual settings of an extension

When adding or managing an extension by hand, you must understand all parameters and know expected values relative to that extension. Even if all gTLDs work the same (due to the ICANN rules), most of all ccTLDs have specific settings. 

  1. Learn more about the extension you want to add
    Browse the extension list and read the extension documentation, for example .com domains.
  2. Pricing

    Look at Registration Period value which define the years available on this extension and enable the corresponding terms into the pricing tab.
    You can get a range (minimum – maximum):
    1-10 means 1 to 10 years (Check all years)
    2-2 means 2 years (Check only the year 2)

    You can get a list (1:2:3:…)
    1:3:5 means 1 or 3 or 5 years (Check only the years 1, 3 , 5)
    2:4:6:8:10 means every two years (Check only the years 2, 4, 6, 8, 10)

  3. DNS management
    This feature allows the client to manage his DNS settings. They can update DNS records as well as define a web forwarding. As part of this module, you can use our DNS service and web forwarding service free of charge if domain names use our nameservers with or without whitelabel.
  4. Email Forwarding
    This feature allows the client to create email addresses redirected to the addresses of his choice. As part of this module, you can use our email forwarding service free of charge if domain names use our MX servers.
  5. ID protection
    This feature allows the client to hide his contact information in the whois. Look at Whois Privacy card if available or not for the extension.
  6. EPP code
    This feature is not used as not relevant. This is not a configurable option that can be sold on a domain basis.
  7. Module
    Select NETIM from the list of activated registrars which will be used by default when registering a domain name in this extension.

Configurable options

By default, the configurable options below are made available by Blesta:

  • DNS management
  • Email forwarding
  • ID protection

If enabled for a particular extension, the client will be offered an option to order the service (for free or for a fee) for any domain names in that extension. This can be done during the initial order or at any moment from the client area. Thus, the service will be displayed and available in the domain management from the client or admin area.

You can define the pricing of configurable options at Configuration, tab Configurable options then Edit.

Import TLDs

Our module supports the import TLDs feature. 

Blesta import TLDS

You can select only fixed terms for all selected extensions:

  • If you import only extensions with the same terms, ensure to select only them so that the pricing will be correctly recorded.
  • Otherwise, some extensions will be imported with incorrect terms leading to issues with your clients and orders that will fail due to incorrect duration.