Pending requests management

For many extensions, the management is manual or not in realtime. 

Nevertheless, Blesta does not know the result of all operations, especially those that are processed asynchronously. Synchronization of asynchronous operations must therefore be handled separately. 

When the case occurs, the module records the operation in pending state in the table “netim_mod_async” of your local Blesta’ database. Then a cron task, included in the module,  is executed to check and process all pending operations.


You can manage the module automation at Settings () > Automation Tab Module, you will find a section dedicated to Netim with the task Asynchronous management.
Asynchronous management Blesta

This task is enabled by default with an interval of 5 minutes. It means that every 5 minutes, the task is executed in order to process pending operations.

You can monitor and get the task logs at Tools > Logs, tab Cron. Look after Asynchronous management entries and click them to open the logs.

Logs Blesta