Additional domain fields

Additional domain fields are mandatory for many domain extensions that require additional information like a company number, a VAT number, personal ID number to register a domain. 

In ClientExec, additional information are called “tld extra attributes” and are stored in the database in table tld_extra_attributes. 

At Netim, such information is called “additional domain fields”

Define additional domain fields

Netim supports more than 1,000 extensions and needs a flexible way to manage the fields and avoids a difficult maintenance. That’s why we provide a package to be imported …

Import fields

  1. At a first step, ensure that you have the last package of additional domain fields.
    They are installed in the directory of the registrar module in subdirectory additional_domain_fields. Check the version in the file VERSION.txt
  2. To import an extension, call the following URL:

    Replace [tld] by the extension to import (without the leading dot) or “existing” to import all additional fields for extension defined with Netim as registrar.
    Replace [lang] by the language to be used for labels and descriptions. The value must match one of the additional fields language (en, es, fr) or any of your translations.

    Then the additional domain fields will be imported and encoded in base64 in the database.

  3. If you are not satisfied by our translations or if you have another language, feel free to update or translate them.

Translation of fields

By default, we provide the translations in French, English and Spanish but, if you have others, you will have to carry out the additional translations.

  1. Translations can be found in the directory:
  2. The three languages provided correspond to the files,,
  3. If you want to change a translation, edit the corresponding files
  4. If you have additional languages, copy one of the original translations, set the file name as the corresponding language iso code and translate the labels into this new file.
    The files contain the translations of all the additional data but you can limit yourself only to the extensions that you plan to sell.