Domain additional fields

Some additional information may be requested in order to register a domain. In general, this information is collected by the registries in order to identify the owner, verify that he complies with the registration rules, etc. 

Such information is mostly known as domain additional fields in some billing softwares.

In order to have an efficient management across all our registrar modules and an easy usage for our resellers, we provide a Json file that define all theses domain additional fields. 

Release notes

As of June 19 2023

  • Addition of .NYC
  • Addition of .BERLIN
  • Addition of .BAYERN
  • Addition of .RUHR
  • Addition of .NRW

As of April 11 2023

  • Addition of missing fields for .MR
  • Addition of missing countries in .EU citizenship country list

As of March 24 2023

  • Update of translations for .MT
  • New .SA and .COM.SA extension

As of January 2nd 2023

  • Missing .TRAVEL

As of December 13th 2022

  • Wrong ES_TIPO values for .ES
  • New extension .CO.ID
  • New extension .CO.JP

As of November 9th 2022

This is the initial version of the domain additional fields

How to use ?


This content of the file is encoded with JSON format. It contains an array of domain name extensions. Each extension is defined by an array of domain fields. Each field is then defined as follow:
  • key string
    Key code of the field. Used to define how the field will be used and refers to an additional information in a contact object, an additional fields of the extension or a simple key such as “infos”, “rules”, “notices”.
  • id int
    Unique ID inside the fields of the extension
  • Name string
    Label to be displayed.
  • Description string
    Description to be displayed (optional)
  • Type string
    Type of the field. Can be “display” / “text” / “dropdown” / “checkbox” / “radio”
  • Items array
    Items in case of dropdown or radio type. An item is defined as follow: Value: Value of the item when selected Description: Description of the item to be displayed Requires: An array of fields ID mandatory if the item is selected
  • Options array
    Options such as “Required” (optinnal)
  • Syntax string
    Readable syntax to be displayed (optional)
  • Regex string
    Regular expression for content validation (optional)
It is not so easy to manipulate a such large file encoded with JSON. A content in the following format {{label}} refers to a translated label you will find in the translation files.


Billing softwares are a multilingual application, it is then necessary to ensure that domain additional fields are translated into all the languages you have installed.

So, for each language activated in your billing software, you must have the necessary translations. By default, we provide the translations in French, English and Spanish but, if you have others, you will have to carry out the additional translations:

  1. The three languages provided correspond to the files,,
  2. Copy one of the original translations and rename with the ISO language code. Please note that we don’t support the additional culture such as en-us or en-gb.
  3. Translate the needed labels into the file.