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Introduction to the REST API

A REST API provide a flexible, lightweight way to connect applications in a client/server architecture and have emerged as the most common method for consuming web services.

A REST API client communicates with the server via HTTP requests to perform standard functions like creating, reading, updating, and deleting data. For example, a REST API would use a GET request to retrieve a domain, a POST request to create a new one, a PUT request to update it, and a DELETE request to delete another one. 

Thanks to this API, you can buy and configure NETIM products without needing to connect to the web interface. 

How to get access to the API?

To use SOAP API, you must have a reseller account.

If you are an existing customer, contact the sales team in order to learn more about the reseller program and upgrade your account.

If you are new and want to become one of our resellers, you need to signup for a reseller account. Feel free to contact our sales team at a first step to discuss your needs.

It is recommended that you use the testing environment (OT&E) to integrate the API. Our OT&E is an exact replica of our systems for development purpose.

Which languages the API is compatible with?

Any programming language could be used as long as you are able to send http requests and parse results as JSON format.

How to start?

  1. You can work first on our Operational Testing Environment in order to develop your scripts in a sandbox
  2. Look at the API clients we made available for the major languages.
  3. Learn more about our system and processes
  4. Discover our use cases to get the basic steps for registering domains, and so on.
  5. Browse the API specifications to manage domain names, SSL certificates and web hosting services.