Release a domain name

What is a domain release ?

If a reseller no longer wishes to manage a domain name, e.g the end-user stop his contract with him, the reseller can release the domain name.

In that case, the domain name management returns to Netim and the end-user becomes one of our direct customers.

Once the operation is processed, Netim will:

  1. Create a new customer account with current domain name holder information
  2. Link the domain name to new account
  3. Send a notification to both the former reseller and the new client

How to release a domain ?

In order to release a domain name:

  1. Log in to your Netim Direct account
  2. Click on “My domains” in the “Domain names” menu
  3. Click on the relevant domain name
  4. Click on the “Release this domain” button
  5. To confirm your agreement, you will have to write the word RELEASE in the field provided for this purpose
Release domain