List of supported ISO codes

When managing domain contact objects with our APIs, you will be asked to provide some values as their ISO code such as for the country or the province. You will find below the reference to the corresponding list of ISO codes.


Provide the country code under ISO 3166-1, alpha 2 code
For example, the country code for Afghanistan is AF.


Subdivisions relate to provinces, states, counties for a given country.

Provide the code under ISO 3166-2   without the leading country code.
For example, the code for New South Wales in Australia is NSW.

Refer to the countries below for which this information is mandatory:

Australia: ISO 3166-2:AU
Brazil: ISO 3166-2:BR
Canada: ISO 3166-2:CA
Ireland: ISO 3166-2:IE
Italy: ISO 3166-2:IT
Japan: ISO 3166-2:JP
Mexico: ISO 3166-2:MX
Spain: ISO 3166-2:ES
UK: ISO 3166-2:GB
USA: ISO 3166-2:US