Sessions management

What is a session?

Sessions are needed in order to perform requests whatever the interface used (Netim direct or an API)

By using the API or a module, each time a function is called, a session will be needed.

By using Netim direct, each time you will request an action on a service a call to the API will be done, thus starting a session.

Synchronous and Asynchronous sessions

When making a request to manage a product, an operation will be created in the system (See Operation management). These operations can be processed immediately (synchronous mode) or by robots at a given interval (asynchronous mode).

By default, all sessions are created in the synchronous mode. 

Managing sessions with SOAP API

You must first use the SessionOpen function in order to get a session ID. This value must be provided to all subsequent requests in order to autorize them.

Once the job is done, use the SessionClose in order to terminate the active session.

You can use SessionInfo to get all information related to a particular session or get all active sessions with  QueryAllSession

According to your needs, you can set a session to be asynchronous with SessionSetPreference