Testing Environment

What is an OTE ?

A test platform, aka OTE (Operational Testing Environment), is provided to allow you to familiarize yourself with the API and test its integration into your system.

This environment is a replica of the production environment and acts as a sandbox. Thus, each operation is processed in the same way and follow the same workflow but, instead of connecting to registries or third party systems, operations are internally validated.

How to get access to OTE?

In order to use this plateform, you must have a reseller test account:
  1. Just like your production account, you must sign-up for a reseller test account.  You will receive new credentials such as a dedicated account ID and password.
  2. Reach the web interface at the following URL https://oteweb.netim.com/direct/
  3. Connect to the API with a dedicated endpoint. REST API – Release notes SOAP API – Release notes

Important informations

Name servers

Some of our domain name features require to use our DNS service. If it is not the case, the API will return an error. In order to get successfull requests, domain names must use the following nameservers:

  • ns1-ote.netim.net
  • ns2-ote.netim.net

They are true nameservers and DNS zones will be installed on them automatically like in production.

Thus, any domain name registered on the OTE should use these nameservers in order to pass any DNS test.

Availability checks and premium domains

When using the domainCheck function, the check is performed only in our database.

Thus, a domain you have registered in OTE will returns that it is not available or an error if you try to register it again.

You will find a below a list of free premium domain names and registered domains you can query for testing purpose.

Sample list of free premium domain names

premium001.domains to premium009.domains(EUR 100)
premium011.domains to premium019.domains(EUR 1000)
premium021.domains to premium029.domains(EUR 2000)

Sample list of registered domain names

registered01.domainsRegular domain
registered02.domainsRegular domain
registered03.domainsRegular domain
registered04.domainsRegular domain
registered05.domainsRegular domain
registered01-ïdn.domainsIDN domain
registered02-ïdn.domainsIDN domain
registered03-ïdn.domainsIDN domain
registered04-ïdn.domainsIDN domain
registered05-ïdn.domainsIDN domain
нетим.укрFull IDN domain with tld
premium010.domainsPremium domain (EUR 100)
premium020.domainsPremium domain (EUR 1000)
premium030.domainsPremium domain (EUR 2000)


  • Your reseller account will be credited by default with EUR 10 000 and all paid transactions will be deducted from your balance
  • Keep in mind that domain names are not really registered in real. They will not resolve on Internet !
  • Complex Operations such as domain transfers can’t be processed. These operations are closed