Operations management

What is an operation ?

Each time you request a new service or a change on an existing one, an operation is created. An operation could be understood as a job to be processed by Netim’s system. 

An operation is identified by a unique tracking number (an integer) that can be used to track and follow its processing and its result.

An operation can be processed immediately (because the result is in real-time) or be deferred (in case of long processing). 

Operations follow-up

In order to follow your operations, which are terminated and know the result or which are still pending , we offer the following methods you can use according to your needs and the implementation in your system.

In Netim Direct in the Operation center

  1. Log in to your Netim Direct account
  2. Click on “Operations center” then on “Operation history” in the left-hand menu
  3. At the top of the table, you can refine your search by using a number or a service, but also by applying filters to your search
  4. The status of your operation (the rightmost column of the table) is either :
    • green: your operation is successfully validated
    • red: your operation is in error
    • marked with a red cross: the operation has been cancelled
List of my operation


Using email notifications

If you would like to receive email notifications about your transaction tracking, you can visit our page dedicated to setting up Notifications sent to your account.

Using the SOAP API

  • Get all pending operations with function queryOpePending
  • Get the information of a particular operation with function queryOpe

Managing operations

Restart an operation

There is no function for restarting an operation.

  • A successful operation can’t be restarted. For example, this means that you cannot restart the renewal of a domain name in order to renew it a second time.
  • A failed operation could be restarted by our support team.

Failed operations

In most cases, when an operation has failed, you must request a new one (with the required changes into the parameters if needed) and you will get a new tracking ID.

If you don’t know how to solve the issue, you can contact the support team in order to figure out the problem.

In some cases, upon agreement, our team can restart a failed operation.

Cancel an operation

It is possible to cancel a transaction until the processing has started. However, due to the fact that most operations are processed in real time, this is only possible in few cases. Once the operation is processed or being processed, it is mostly too late.

If the operation is an update, you will need to revert back the change by requesting a new operation.

In very specific cases, if the operation is a paid one such as a domain registration, contact our support team to check if the cancellation is still possible (Example, a domain in the Add Grace Period or a manual operation not processed yet). Otherwise, nothing can be done and you will not be refunded.

Know which operations are available for a domain

According to the extension of a domain name and the features and options available, the list of operations that can be requested differs.

You can learn more about the available operation on a given extension by several ways:

On the product page

  • Go to the extension list 
  • Click on the extension you are interested in
  • Click on the “Operations” tab
    • Operations in green are available
    • Operations in red are not available

Using the SOAP API