Pending requests management

For many extensions, the management is manual or not in realtime. 

Nevertheless, HostBill does not know the result of all operations, especially those that are processed asynchronously. Synchronization of asynchronous operations must therefore be handled separately. 

When the case occurs, the module records the operation in pending state as an action in the domain’s extended information. This is done in the table “hb_domains”, fields “Extended” of your local HostBill’s database. 

Then, when a domain name is synchronized by the cron task Synchronize domain expiration dates with registrars, all its all pending operations are checked for completion or errors. 


HostBill’s main cron job can be managed at Settings > System Settings > Task List 

All tasks are executed by the latter. For domain name synchronization, you can manage the cron task Synchronize domain expiration dates with registrars


Manual domain synchronization

You can perform a manual domain synchronization from the admin area on a particular domain name.

The domain name must be in the pending registration or pending transfer status.

All domains in active status can also be synchronized.

To do so, open the domain page in the admin area and click on Synchronize

Pending requests follow-up

Pending requests are processed asynchronously at Netim side and the result is not notified to the admin. Nethertheless, the module creates domain logs you can read in Extras > System Logs > Domain Logs

When a pending request is created
The following entries are recorded. A domainTransferIn request numbered 2335999 is pending for domain 274

When a pending request is successfull
Operation 2335990 is successfull for domain 268. The domain status has changed to Active

When a pending request is failed
Operation 2336030 has failed for domain 277. The domain status has changed to Pending

When a pending request is cancelled
Operation 2336011 has been cancelled for domain 276. The domain status has changed to Pending