Registrar module


You can activate the module at Settings > Modules > Domain Modules

In the tab Inactive, you will find netim_com in the list:

Once clicked on Activate, an App Connection must be created for the module:

Add an App connection

Please note that you can add several connections if you own several accounts at Netim such as your production account or your OT&E one. 

For each tld you will sell, you will have to select a default registrar module and an app connection.

At the activation of the module, you will be asked to create the first app connection.

At any moment, you can manage Apps Connections at Settings > Apps Connections.

Enter a name for this connection, for example your reseller ID in order to identify it without ambiguity.

To use in production

  • Enter your reseller ID as UserID and the corresponding password
  • Uncheck “Test”

To use in testing environment

  • Enter your reseller ID as UserID and the corresponding password defined for the OT&E system.
  • Check “Test”