Pending requests management

For many extensions, the management is manual or not in realtime. 

Nevertheless, WISECP does not know the result of all operations, especially those that are processed asynchronously. Synchronization of asynchronous operations must therefore be handled separately. 

When the case occurs, the module records the operation in pending state in the table “netim_async” of your local WISECP’s database. Then a cron task, included in the module,  is executed to check and process all pending operations.


The Netim module cron task is set to be executed by default on a per minute period and comes with a setting to define its frequency.
Look at cronjob-period in the config.php file of the module.

It means that there is no impact on the frequency you have enabled your cronjob, you will be able to tune the module cron frequency.

  • If the cronjob runs every minutes, update cronjob-period to 5 or 10 minutes for example.
  • If the cronjob runs every 10 minutes, update cronjob-period to 1 so that the Netim module cron task is executed at each run.

If cron debug is enabled, cronjob-debug in the config.php file of the module, you can monitor and get the task logs at Tools > Process Logs > Module Activity Logs.

Module activity log

Look after “Netim” in Module name and “Cron” in Action Name entries and click Details to open the logs.Details of request, response and processed

As an example, you can see that this cron task processed the domain name which was in pending registration.