Additional fields and docs management

Additional domain fields are mandatory for many domain extensions that require additional information like a company number, a VAT number, personal ID number to register a domain. 


  • additional information can be defined and collected at the registrar module level.
    At Netim, such information is called “additional domain fields”
  • additional information can be collected by the administrator
  • documents can be collected by the administrator

When a domain name registration has additional information or documents, the order is set to pending status and an extra validation step is needed by the client to provide them and the administrator to approve them. See Domain Doc management.

Define additional domain fields

Additional domain fields are the additional information needed by Netim, and defined at the registrar module level, to process the domain registration. Not all extensions require additional fields.

In WISECP, these fields are stored in the config.php of the module in doc-fields index. Most of all registrar modules store their additional information here in their release. However, Netim supports more than 1,000 extensions and needs a more flexible way to manage the fields and avoids a difficult maintenance. That’s why we provide a package to be imported …

Import fields

  1. At a first step, ensure that you have the last package of additional domain fields.
    Additional domain fields are installed in the directory of the registrar module in subdirectory additional_domain_fields. Check the version in the file VERSION.txt
  2. To import an extension, call the following URL:

    Replace [tld] by the extension to import.
    Replace [lang] by the language to be used for labels and descriptions. The value must match one of the additional fields language (en, es, fr) or any of your translations.

    Then the additional domain fields will be imported for that extension and stored in the doc-fields index of the module config file.

  3. If you are not satisfied by our translations, feel free to update the text in the doc-fields index but do not change the fields definition.

Domain Doc management

One of the interested feature is the option to collect documents.

Some domain extensions require for example application forms, ID documents such as certificate of incorporation, Trademark certificates … Thanks to the Domain Doc Management, you are able to collect and review them before the domain registration is submitted. See Domain Doc management.

Example with the .BG extension for Bulgaria:

Open the extension documentation, in the “Additional Information” tab.
We can see that we need 4 additional fields which will be included in our domain additional fields package.
But in the Informations section, we can read that an application form and a certificate of incorporation are requested.

In the Domain Doc Management, you will need to add two documents for .BG extension.