Transfer domain to another Netim account

					StructOperationResponse domainInternalTransfer(string idSession, string domain, string authID, string idAdmin, string idTech, string idBilling, array nameservers)


Requests the internal transfer of a domain name from another Netim account to yours.

An internal transfer must be considered as a pull action to your account and not a push action to another one.


  • idSession string (32)
    Session ID.
  • domain string (255)
    Domain name to be transferred.
  • authID string (64)
    Autorisation code / EPP code (Optional, if applicable).
  • idAdmin string (12)
    ID of the administrative contact (With “isOwner=0”).
  • idTech string (12)
    ID of the technical contact (With “isOwner=0”).
  • idBilling string (12)
    ID of the billing contact (With “isOwner=0”).
  • nameservers array (0-13)
    Nameserver list

An Object of type StructOperationResponse

Approval of the change

  • If the authorization code is omitted, confirmations will be requested by e-mail to the former account and the new reseller account.
  • If the authorization code is provided and is valid, the change is performed automatically.

Other information

  • Contact IDs must exist and belong the reseller.
  • idAdmin, idTech, idBilling must be contacts with isOwner=0 or be defined with the reseller ID
  • According to the extension, allocation and semantic rules may apply. See relative information for the extension
  • The minimal number of nameservers must match the requirements of the extension.
  • A DNS test may be performed prior the nameserver change. See structdomaintldinfo.HasZonecheck

$clientSOAP = new SoapClient('https://URL.wsdl');

$nameservers = array(
    1 => ['name' => ''],
    2 => ['name' => '']

try {
    $idSession = $clientSOAP->sessionOpen('XX000', 'xxxxxxxx');
  $structOperationResponse  = $clientSOAP->domainInternalTransfer ($idSession, '', '98smGTHfdsHnj', 'IDADM', 'IDTEC', 'IDBIL', $nameservers);

} catch (SoapFault $fault) {
    echo 'Exception : ' . $fault->getMessage() . "\n";

if (isset($idSession)) {