Register new domain

					StructOperationResponse domainCreate(string idSession, string domain, string idOwner, string idAdmin, string idTech, string idBilling, string ns1, string ns2, string ns3, string ns4, string ns5, int duration, [int templateDNS])

Request a new domain registration.


  • idSession string (32)
    Session ID.
  • domain string (255)
    Domain name to be registered.
  • idOwner string (12)
    ID of the owner contact (With “isOwner=1”).
  • idAdmin string (12)
    ID of the administrative contact (With “isOwner=0”).
  • idTech string (12)
    ID of the technical contact (With “isOwner=0”).
  • idBilling string (12)
    ID of the billing contact (With “isOwner=0”).
  • ns1 string (255)
    Primary name server.
  • ns2 string (255)
    Secondary name server.
  • ns3 string (255)
    Secondary name server.
  • ns4 string (255)
    Secondary name server.
  • ns5 string (255)
    Secondary name server.
  • duration integer
    Duration (in years).

  • templateDNS integer
    Number of a DNS template.

An Object of type StructOperationResponse

  • Contact IDs must exist and belong the reseller.
  • idOwner must be a contact with isOwner=1
  • idAdmin, idTech, idBilling must be contacts with isOwner=0 or be defined with the reseller ID
  • According to the extension, allocation and semantic rules may apply. See relative information for the extension
  • The minimal number of nameservers must match the requirements of the extension.
  • A DNS test may be performed prior the registration. See structdomaintldinfo.HasZonecheck
  • The duration must correspond to periods allowed by the extension. See structdomaintldinfo.PeriodCreate
  • The templateDNS must belong to the reseller. (If provided, the template is used. If not provided, the default template defined in the reseller account is used.
    If no default template is defined then NETIM’s template is used)
$clientSOAP = new SoapClient("http://URL.wsdl");
      $idSession = $clientSOAP->sessionOpen("XXXX", "XXXX", "EN"); 
      $StructOperationResponse = $clientSOAP->domainCreate($idSession, "", "IDOWN", "IDADM", "IDTEC", "IDBIL", "", "", "", "", "", 1); 
catch(SoapFault $fault) 
     echo "Exception : " .$fault->getMessage(). "\n";