Send AuthID

					StructOperationResponse domainAuthID(string idSession, string domain, int sendtoregistrant)

Return the authorization code to transfer the domain name to another registrar or to another client account.


  • idSession string (32)
    Session ID.
  • domain string (255)
    Domain name.
  • sendtoregistrant integer
    Set to: “1” to send to the registrant, “0” to send to the reseller.

An Object of type StructOperationResponse

  • Each request will generate a new code
  • In rare cases, the code will be transmitted directly to the registrant by the registry.
$clientSOAP = new SoapClient("http://URL.wsdl");
      $idSession = $clientSOAP->sessionOpen("XXXX", "XXXX", "EN"); 
      $StructOperationResponse = $clientSOAP->domainAuthID($idSession, "",0); 
      $StructOperationResponse = $clientSOAP->domainAuthID($idSession, "",1); 
catch(SoapFault $fault) 
      echo "Exception : " .$fault->getMessage(). "\n"; 
if (isset($idSession))