Extension - Netim support

# Restrictions

Must be part of the aeronautic sector

# Procedures

# Restrictions

The registrants may fall within the groups set out in the table below:

  • Aerial works
    All commercial and non-commercial civil flight operations of which the primary goal is not the transportation of persons or goods from one point to another, including all flight operations for the benefit of third parties (public benefits) are aerial works operations. Such activities may include but are not limited to fire fighting, agricultural flights, traffic surveillance, or weather research and environment surveillance.
  • Aerospace
    Aircraft, engine, equipment or satellite manufacturers, companies, organisations or individuals carrying out business involving maintenance, testing, and distribution.
  • Airfreight and logistics companies
    Freight forwarders and express carriers involved in air transportation.
  • Air navigation services providers
    Air traffic control (ATC), ATC suppliers, ATC industry members and associations.
  • Air sports
    Air sports and recreational aviation clubs and their members, federations, national associations, organisers of competitions linked to air sports, and suppliers of air sports and recreational aviation equipment.
  • Airlines and commercial operators
    Commercial airlines, charter airlines, cargo airlines, corporate charter operators, air taxis, air tour operators.
  • Airports
    Operators of international airports, regional airports, and aerodromes.
  • Aviation distribution systems
    Computer reservation companies, airline sales agents and licensed air travel agents.
  • Aviation education and research
    Flight schools, aviation colleges, aircraft mechanic schools, training centers, research centers, and organisers of test flights.
  • Aviation industry associations
    Industry associations, passenger associations, unions, working groups.
  • Aviation media
    Press, magazines, informational websites, conference and airshow organizers, freelance journalists specialised in aviation.
  • Aviation professionals
    Licensed or certified aviation professionals such as cabin crews, flight engineers, flight instructors, engineers, trainers.
  • Aviation suppliers
    Companies, organisations or individuals carrying out business involving catering, leasing, ground handling, insurance, it, fuel, in-flight entertainment, traders, marketplaces, consulting for the aviation industry.
  • Business aircraft operators
    Aircraft charters, aircraft management companies, business aircraft operators and owners of business aircrafts.
  • Civil aviation authorities
    National and regional civil aviation authorities, governmental departments regulating civil aviation, accident investigation bodies.
  • Government organisations
    Regulating and standard-setting organisations, state aviation, government aviation service agencies.
  • Pilots
    All commercial and private pilots.

In order to be a member of the sponsored community, registrants must prove their eligibility and must complete the validation process.

If the registrant doesn't have a .AERO ID yet, an application must be done here Request AERO ID


# Registration

A valid .aero ID is needed to register any .AERO domain name. This ID confirms the membership of the application to the sponsored community. According to the group, some documents must be provided. Contact us for more information.

If the registrant doesn't have a .AERO ID yet, an application must be done here Request AERO ID

# Transfer

In order to transfer your domain name to Netim, you must disable transfer protections and obtain the authorisation code from your current Registrar.

The transfer may take several days.

When the transfer is finalised, a year is added to the expiry date of the domain name.

# Trade

To change the holder, you must first go through an authentication process.
To that end, validation emails will be sent to both current and future domain holders.

After a period of 5 days, the request will be cancelled.

The domain expiration date is not affected by the transfer process.

# Additional information

# Informations

If you do not have an ID yet, you can request an ID here. Please note that the registration will be postponed until your application is approved by the registry.

# Additional fields

Some additional information may be requested in order to register a domain. In general, this information is collected by the registries in order to identify the owner, verify that he complies with the registration rules, etc. Here are the additional fields needed for this extension.

Field Label Description
If you do not have an ID yet, you can request an ID here. Please note that the registration will be postponed until your application is approved by the registry.

* Mandatory field
.AERO ID password
* Mandatory field
When using our APIs, additional information must be provided in the corresponding fields of the object StructContact for the domain name holder.

Fields with * must be provided in StructContact.additional array and can be used for any domain name using this contact ID.
Example:  StructContact.additional["AERO_AUTHKEY"]=???

# Operations

Each action on a domain name is managed in our system with an operation. Here are the types of operations supported by this extension. Please note that you can use these operations with our SOAP and REST APIs.