Transfer a domain name

What is a transfer?

Your Registrar is the entity that manages your domain names on a daily basis with the Registries. You can transfer your domain names from one Registrar to another at any time.

In most cases, when a transfer fee is applied, the transferred domain name is renewed for an additional year.

Transfers have to be requested by the domain holder or a representative of the holder. Otherwise, the transfer process cannot be initiated.

How to transfer a .com or gTLD domain?

To transfer an existing domain name from your current Registrar to Netim, simply follow these steps:

  1. Disable the Registrar Lock on your domain with your current Registrar
  2. Obtain the transfer authorisation code from your current Registrar
  3. Place your transfer order from our website

Once the transfer is initiated, it will be completed within 5 days.

The processing time can be shortened by contacting your current Registrar directly and requesting an immediate approval of the transfer. The operation will be carried out as soon as the Registry receives your Registrar’s approval.

Some examples among ccTLDs

Here are some examples of Country-Code TLDs that require specific transfer processes:

  • The .uk (United Kingdom)

    The transfer procedure for the .UK falls into two steps:

    1. The holder places a transfer order from our website
    2. Once the transfer is ordered on the website, the holder must ask his current Registrar to release the domain to our IPS-TAG: NETIM-FR
  • The .pt (Portugal)

    .PT and gTLDs transfer procedures are quite similar. The only difference lies in how the authorisation code is obtained.
    Generally speaking, you can get this code from your current Registrar. However, for .pt domains, holder have to make directly request from the Registry (DNS.PT).

  • The .lt (Lithuania)

    To transfer a .LT domain, Registrants have to:

    1. Place a transfer order from our website
    2. Initiate the transfer from a dedicated space on the Registry’s website: how to transfer a .lt domain - step 1
    3. Select the domain they want to transfer:
      how to transfer a .lt domain - step 2
    4. Finally select the Registrar they wish to transfer it to:
      how to transfer a .lt domain - step 3