How to connect to the Roundcube webmail?

Netim offers you the possibility of consulting your emails via the Roundcube webmail.

To connect to the webmail, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Netim Direct account
  2. In the “Email” menu, click on “My emails” 
  3. Select the relevant domain name
  4. In the “Configuration” panel, click on the “Webmail login page” link
  5. Enter your login details (the email address and the associated password)
  6. If your identification matches, you are now connected to the webmail
choose the domain name
domain configuration
Webmail login interface
Webmail interface

How do I change the language on my webmail?

To change the language of your webmail, proceed as follows:

  1. Login to your webmail (see above)
  2. On the right-hand menu, click on the “Settings” spanner icon
  3. In the “Preferences” section, click on “User Interface”
  4. In the main options, change the language to the one you want
  5. Click on “Save”
Settings of my webmail
Changing the language on my webmail