Consolidated invoices

Set up consolidated invoices


With consolidated invoices, you have the option of paying your invoices once a month or at a set rate. If you opt for consolidated invoices, you must contact our sales team directly at to set up consolidated invoices.

Check my consolidated invoices

Here’s how to view your consolidated invoices:

  1. Log in to your Netim Direct account
  2. Click on your name, top right of the screen
  3. In the “Finances” menu, click on “Consolidated invoices
  4. Your open orders are displayed in a first table where you can download the details of each order that is not yet paid
  5. In a second table, you have the details of all your past consolidated invoices. To consult the details of one of them, you just have to click on the orange arrow icon in the last column of the table in order to scroll down the month concerned. In this table, you can find:
    • the invoice date
    • the description
    • the amount
    • the status
    • the payment
    • the invoice number
Consolidated invoices not payed
Consolidated invoices list