Difference between free Let’s Encrypt and paid Sectigo?

There are 2 main families of SSL certificates:

  • Let’s Encrypt which are free and included with any of our hosting plans
  • Sectigo which are paid and offer more choice in terms of functionality but also protection

Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo) is the leader with more than 15% market share, compared to “only” 6% for Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are ideal for personal use. In view of the negligible annual cost, it is strongly recommended to opt for a Sectigo DV or Sectigo EV certificate.

The latter offers a much higher level of insurance and will protect your online business.

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SSL Certificate Market Share Figures
SSL Certificate Market Share Figures

List of main differences

Let's Encrypt Sectigo DV Sectigo EV
Domain name
Domain name
Level of verification
$10,000 Insurance
$1,000,000 Insurance
Included in our hosting plans
€14 excl. VAT/ year
€106 excl. VAT/ year