Which type of hosting should I choose?

We offer different types of shared hosting, via our scalable offers that can meet many of your needs.

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Here are the main families and the uses for which they have been designed.

Our Anycast nameservers network is included in all our hosting offers

Our premium DNS service guarantees maximum security for your domain name and/or website.

  • Nameservers on 2 separate Anycast networks with a total of 51 nodes.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Anti DDoS filtering.

There are three major advantages to this type of nameservers: response time, search engine optimization and accessibility.

Learn more about our premium DNS service

Lite hosting: free with your domain name

This is the offer that allows you to have 1 email address of 1 GB for free, personalized and linked with your domain name.

A way to have a free professional email address that will advertise your business and not Google or your ISP.

Start Hosting: putting a basic site online

This is the ideal offer to start your activity while having up to 10 email addresses of 2GB each.

The 10GB of space on SSD disks and a 1GB database allow you to put your website online.

Mail+ Hosting : for those who want to focus on emails

It is the same as the Start offer but with 2 particularities: 

  1. up to 50 email addresses
  2. 100GB of space to be distributed among your email addresses

The interest is to be able to create 5 addresses of 10GB each, or 2 addresses of 5GB and then 10 addresses of 2GB etc…

You are free to manage your email storage space to best suit your professional requirements.

Web+ Hosting: more power for your website/shop

It is important to have power so that your site is fast.

Thus the number of available web processes increases from 30 to 150; the PHP memory is doubled with 256MB available.

You also have the possibility to host up to 10 websites but don’t forget that all your websites share your processes, disk space etc.

Premium hosting: power & flexibility

This offer allows you to have the maximum available power dedicated to your site..

With 300 available web processes and 512MB of PHP memory, your site will be able to welcome all your visitors without slowing down.

This offer is also suitable if you have an agency and you want to distribute several of your customers, up to 30, on your Premium hosting.