What are Premium domain names?

Premium domains: an overwiew

You may already have come across a premium domain name when making an availability check.

With the emergence of many extensions, some domain names have become more valuable. Why? Because they are more likely to attract internet users and generate traffic.

Given this trend, Registries, which are in charge of managing TLDs, have decided to create lists of domain names considered “premium” or in other words: high-value domains.

The list varies from TLD to TLD, as they all have their own positioning. For example, .corsica and .lawyer extensions won’t have the same premium labels.

How are premium domain lists compiled?

As you might have understood, premium lists are draw up at the discretion of the Registries. However, rarely do Registries reveal the purposes of these lists. Still, we can notice a few trends, they often choose domain names according to:

  • The number of characters.
    The shorter, clearer and more impactful a domain name is, the more likely it is to be remembered and to generate traffic. This is why some Registries include domain names containing 1 or 2 characters in their list.
  • High value-added terms.
    These are most often generic terms, frequently searched by internet users: hotel, restaurant, marketing, online, etc.

How much do premium domains cost?

Prices, just like premium domain lists, are set by Registries. As a general rule, premium domains are more pricey than regular one. Prices can go from tens to thousands of euros.

Keep in mind that some premium domains have a fixed price. So a domain name registered for €500 the first year will still cost €500 the second year, etc.

Others, however, are considered premium for the first registration only. This means that you can purchase your domain at a high price for the first year and then benefit from a standard price when you renew.