Add/Remove a payment method

What payment methods does Netim accept?

You can use the following options to pay for your orders:

  • Prepaid account
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Prepaid account

You can choose to pay for your orders using your Netim prepaid account. You’ll need to credit your account to do so. This payment method is the default payment method to be used with the auto-renewal feature.

What happens if my prepaid account balance only partially covers my order? At checkout, you’ll have the option to deduct your remaining  credit from the total owned and select another payment method to complete your order.

Credit card

You can add a credit card to your account to place your orders.
We accept: VISA, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express.

Credit cards have to be verified before they can be added to your account. As part of the credit card verification process, a temporary charge of €1 will be made. No amount will be drawn from your card

On the payment page, prices are displayed in USD, GBP and CHF as well as in EUR. Since our bank account is set to euros, all prices have to be converted from euros to the currency (USD, GBP or CHF) you chose to pay in.

Therefore, converted prices vary according to the current European Central Bank reference exchange rate.


Choose PayPal to pay for your orders!
Using PayPal is simple, simply log into your account and pick one of the available means of payment:

  • PayPal balance
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer

Bank transfer

Your order can be paid for with a bank transfer. Please be advised that bank charges will apply to bank transfers carried out in a currency that does not match the currency of your account, and to bank transfers originating from non-SEPA countries.

If you are making a payment with a non-SEPA bank account, ALL charges are at your expense.

Payee reference must contain the following: CUSTOMER_ID/C/OrderNumber
For example, if your Customer ID is ZZ1 and your order number is 11050, your payee reference should be ZZ1/C/11050/

How to add a payment method

Follow this steps to add a payment method to your account:

  1. Log into your Netim Direct account
  2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Select “Payment methods
  4. Click on “Add a payment method”

You can then choose the payment method you would like to add to your account and fill out the required fields.

Add a payment method


How to change the status of your payment method

You can disable your payment options at any moment. Once disabled, payment methods can’t be used to pay for orders or carry out automatic payments.

Go to the “Status” column and click the toggle button to enabled or disable your payment method.

Payment method status

How to remove a payment method from your account

Go to Netim Direct and open the “Payment methods” window. You can then click on the recycle bin icon in the “Status” column to delete your way of payment.

Remove a payment method

How to add a description to your payment methods

It’s possible to attach notes or add holder details to your payment methods. Both types of information are only indications and can be used to tell your payment methods apart.

As to how you can do so: go to the “Payment methods” section in your Netim Direct account. Then, click the pen icon in the “Action” column to add a description and/or holder info.

Add a description to a payment method

How to manage the order of priority for your payments

The order of priority defines the order in which your payment options will be used to carry out automatic payments (auto-renewals and auto top-ups).
The priority level is indicated by a number: the lower the number, the higher the priority level. We will attempt to charge the number 1 payment method first.

If the first payment option on the list isn’t available, we will attempt to charge the second payment method on the list, and so on.

Manage the order of priority of payment methods